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How do you get a corgi to lose weight?

Corgis just like any other dog breed have an ideal set of nutritional requirements. These requirements are based on the dog’s weight, energy levels, coat and health condition. As a dog owner you should try as much as possible to feed your dog with a diet that satisfies these requirements.

Corgis were developed in Southern Wales and as such, their diet should be as close to the original diet as possible. The advantages of having such diet are that the dog’s digestive system will easily handle these foods. Another factor we need to look at when formulating a good diet is having the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Having looked at these requirements, let’s look at the best adult Corgi diet.

Cooking is better than ready made food

The best diet for your Corgi is not actually the dog food that we normally buy from the stores. The best diet is the one which is prepared fresh just like how we humans want our food. The problem with the dog food is that we are not sure of the nutritional composition. Besides the nutritional value, it’s also cheaper to cook dog food rather than buying it.

One thing with commercial dog food which can be seen as disadvantage is the fact that it is not made for certain breeds but made for all dogs which can not be appropriate for all dogs. Different dog breeds have different dietary requirements. There have been cases of substandard dog food being sold in the stores even from major brands.

It doesn’t take too much time to cook for your Corgi. If you find time to cook your food, then you should find time to cook for your Corgi. The best Corgi diet should contain large amounts of minerals. The major minerals Corgis need are iodine, calcium and phosphorous. Having this in mind, foods which are good for your Corgi are fish, lamb, potato, carrots, beets and barley. These foods are also those you can notice that are readily available in Southern wales.

Apart from its diet, you can also consider including supplements such as vitamins in order to keep you Corgi healthy such as the following:

Save yourself money and feed your Corgi right

Feeding your Corgi the right diet saves money for you in the long term. Many vets have concluded that the health problems that Corgis as well as other dog breeds face in general mainly arise from having a bad diet over a long period of time.

Corgis gain weight easily and thus you need to have to control their portions. You need to feed them two times a day. If you notice that your Corgi is gaining weight, reduce the portions. Corgis should have a noticeable waist in the loin area. The activity levels, age, size and sex of your Corgi will determine the size of portions to serve.

When you settle to a good diet for your Corgi, avoid giving treats unless they are healthy and you’ve factored this in their daily diet needs. Also avoid bones. Dogs generally like chewing on bones, but this is unhealthy and can pose a serious health risk. Debone all meats and dispose of the bones especially those from chicken.

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