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Why People Store Fat In Different Parts Of Their Body

Why do people store fat in different places? One of the most frustrating aspects of weight loss is that very often the areas where you have the most fat seem to be the hardest parts to trim down. Pockets of fat in just the wrong place that stubbornly resist all but the most persistent of attempts to get rid of them. Attempts that can often take months if not years while other people just don’t seem to have any fat whatsoever in your problem areas.

Globally at least 300 million people are what would be categorized as clinically obese[1] and just about one in three Americans are over their ideal weight, [2] but even those who are in relatively good shape still have problem areas in the form of adipose tissue behind their arms, in their lower abdominal region, behind their legs, around their waist or in the buttocks that make them very much concerned about how they look.

In fact almost no one is immune to this problem of having an area of stored fat that doesn’t want to go away in spite of hours of cardio and calorie restricted diets. It’s a demoralizing dilemma, especially among women, and one persuades otherwise level headed and rational thinking individuals to spend their hard earned cash on everything from vibrating machines, cellulite massages and spot reduction creams.

All in the hope of ridding those problem areas of adipose tissue. In this article we will explore how and why people hold fat on their bodies in such different ways and take a look at how our environment, diet and genetics can play a major role in how and where we gain body fat. Thanks as always for reading my articles and do be sure to share them with anyone who you think might stand to benefit.

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