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In today’s society, there is a lot of women looking taking their health and well being very serious. There are more ladies working out, and going to the gym which is great. However we only hear a few fitness stories on why they started their journey and the reasons behind it. So I have decided to start doing a blog every week on different women from different areas around the globe, to talk about their fitness journey, their inspirations and how their outlook on life has changed since living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Every week, I will pick a Wonder women of the week!

Meet Victoria. She is 30 years of age. Her hobbies are cooking, going to the gym and reading. She is studying to be an contact lens optician.

Eight years ago she realised that she weight was getting out of control, she was in a controlling relationship and gained weight during that period. This is when she thought things needed to change. When she started her weight loss regime, she was 75kg. In 8 weeks, she got her weight down to 60kg, She admits that some of that weight loss was due to stress, coming out of an horrible relationship, moving house and also finishing her 3rd year of college.

She downloaded a gain muscle app, and that was helping her loose the weight and gain the muscle she wanted. After she lost the weight, she felt empowered, happy and confident. She got married June 2015 which was the happiest day of her life.

In October 2015, this all came to as stop as she had an accident. She was a victim to a hit and run incident and caused her to stop working out which was very hard for her. She got black eyes, arms was badly bruised and she suffer a concussion, The road to recovery was a long way away but she was determined to get better and to getting back to a routine.

She was upset and overwhelmed that she could not train and there was alot of pain and fear. She didn’t like crossing the road by herself due to the stress the accident caused.

She also gained back the weight that she lost. From the accident, she got whiplash, and couldn’t even get into the shower. Her husband was her support system and she says ‘ I dont know what I would of done without him’.

In September 2016, she got an personal trainer from the gym that she attends. At the start of her having a PT, she could only squat half way – after couple of months of persistence, she could do a deep squat which is a accomplishment in itself. She realsied that ‘persistence is the key to achieving what you want in life and from a fitness aspect’

Since then she has lost more weight. She has started to feel empowered, confident, and able to do anything she sets her mind to. Last year she did a bike ride from London to Brighton, which in total took 7 hours. That right there is a true achievement.

Victoria has a few inspirations. One of them she has found from instagram, Her name is Michelle Franklin, aka ‘this granny can’ on Instagram. ‘Shes such an inspiration ‘ Victoria states. When she speaks about this lady, her eyes light up. Michelle Franklin is a 51 year old, and she is a power lifter. Michelle is currenlty raising funds for a power lifter competition that is in South Africa as she will be representing Great Britain in May 2017. ‘She makes me feel that if she can do it at that age, then I can take my fitness to the next level’ Says Victoria.

Victoria is now wanting to take power lifting as a hobbie and shes excited to see what she can acheive in the sport.

This is a true example of someone that has taken their fitness to the next level! Well done Victoria!!!!

She is our Wonder women of the week!!!!!


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