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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to invest in a multi station gym or perhaps a home gym in order to lose weight. Multi station gyms are very expensive and they take up a lot of space at home. There are other methods of losing weight without having to spend that much money on heavy equipment. Read on to find out different ways.


One of the most popular ways to lose weight is running. As long as you continue to run regularly, odds are you will continue to lose weight. However, that still depends on how much you eat. Let’s say you eat moderately. If you continue to run regularly, you can expect to lose weight as time goes by. Different people have different paces in losing weight. Much of it has to do with their basal metabolism and of course intake. There are some people who are lucky enough to be born with genes that will allow them to lose weight despite not being so active. For the rest of us who are unlucky to get those genes, invest in a good set of running shoes. Good ones cost at least $30.

Handstand Pushups

Why would anyone recommend this type of exercise? Well, you don’t have to go directly to this exercise. You can start by learning to do some pushups. If you’ve managed to do pushups in perfect form, you can look for a ledge and raise your legs. This, by the way, lowers your leverage. The lower your leverage, the harder it is for the exercise. You can continuously do this until you can reach a full hand stand push up. You can do this against a wall to make sure that you don’t fall down. Gradually, if you keep this up, you’ll be able to improve your sense of balance in the process.

Do Chin-ups

Decent chin up bars don’t cost any more than $20. A generic chin up bar should be able to lift someone up to 300lbs. One advantage of this piece of equipment compared to a multi station gym is that it doesn’t take that much space. You can just place it in the middle of the doorway and you don’t have to take it down anymore. What’s more, depending on what kind of chin up position you do, it is able to target certain muscle groups like the lats, biceps and even the abs. GoFit Chin-Up Bar

Do Squats

Leg presses are designed to increase the strength of your legs. So do squats. It is fairly simple to do a squat. You can actually lose weight with just squats alone. The leg muscles, along with the back muscles, are the largest muscles in the human body. If you train that muscle alone, you’ll use more of your calories stored. If you think that performing a squat is too easy, again, lower your leverage. Try doing one legged squats. If you’re not contented with that, do one legged squats while carrying weights.

So that’s cardio with running, arms and shoulders with handstand pushups, lats and abs with chin-ups, and legs with one legged squats. That sums up to a total body workout without having to spend more than $50.

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