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Symptoms of low testosterone

An endocrine check measures the extent of the hormone in your blood.

Some folks as born with conditions that cause lows androgen levels. You will have an occasional androgen level if you’ve got Associate in Nursing malady that causes injury to your testicles or ovaries, that create the internal secretion. Levels could drop as you age.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises against obtaining androgen replacement medical aid (TRT) for low levels caused by ageing alone. Low androgen levels will cause changed in sexual perform, including:

reduced sexual desire, or low libido
fewer spontaneous erections
erectile dysfunction (ED)
Other signs of low testosterone levels include:

changes in sleep patterns
difficulty concentrating
lack of motivation
reduced muscle bulk and strength
decreased bone density
large breasts in men
If you feel that you may have low testosterone levels, you should see your doctor and get a test.

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