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Ways to Get Skinny Legs

So you are in a situation where your body weight is ideal, but your feet are not in a good proportion with the upper body? If your feet are too thick compared to the rest of the body, you need to seek some solution. Experts say that, in terms of genetic structure, women have stronger leg muscles than men (surprising, isn’t it?). Therefore it is advisable to choose an exercise program that will involve your full physical potential. Only then you get to accomplish your goals.

The size of one’s legs depends on several factors, including genetics. It is generally considered that a mature woman cannot have slender legs if she is petite/short, no taller than 65 inches (165 cm). The smallest from the “Desperate Housewives“, Eva Longoria 157 cm), has “the most beautiful, yet healthy legs in Hollywood” according to most US magazines proving the statement is wrong. Here are some of the most effective solutions for skinny legs.

Ways to Get Skinny Legs

A simple, general rule is:

Workout + more food = Big muscles & big body Workout + less food (diet) = Toned muscles & small body Don’t even ask about whether you will rather bulk up if you workout, as it will never happen if you eat less. Associate all the below activities with a healthy diet and you won’t fail.

Thinning Methods for Legs

Wear proper shoes “A hag suffers in the name of beauty, but does not go too far!”. First of all, avoid wearing shoes when your feet are not comfortable or don’t suite you, otherwise you risk getting callus, bunion, varicose veins, and even twisting your toes.

Turn to high heels only when you go to special events, because if you wear heels every day, you may end up with unbearable ankles and feet pain, and also bulk up your calves in time. Suffer in the name of healthy beauty, not in the name of elegance. Try wearing comfortable or orthopedic shoes. Practice yoga People who practice yoga are generally quite thin and have flexible limbs.

Yoga exercises help you balance your body, making it lean and toned. Moreover, when you practice yoga, your mind and spirit are in a process of continuous stimulation. Allocate 30 minutes daily for yoga exercises. If you don’t want or don’t have time to go to a special course, check out some YouTube videos.

Climb the stairs

It is always more comfortable to get on the elevator, but definitely a healthier and beneficial option is using stairs, both up and down. Even if you live on the 1st floor, try to get daily until 3rd or 4th floor, especially in the first two weeks. Brisk walking daily will surely help, too.

Swim a lot

2 to 3 pool laps, twice a week, and your legs will become thin and muscles toned. If you cannot swim properly, it is enough to get into a pool which maximum depth is 1.5 meters and simply move/walk through the water. Swimming burns more calories than any other activity. No one on earth got fat nor bulked up after swimming.

Ride the bicycle & running

Choose bicycle in detriment of the car. Try to ride the bike a couple of days per week, as well as running, at least 2 to 3 kilometers. In this case, a noticeable results will be visible in just one month. Again, don’t worry about adding muscle or making your legs bigger, because any cardio training associated with dieting will not result in muscle gain. In winter time, replace street bike with the stationary bike to avoid getting out of shape.

Excessive consumption of salt leads to large feet and legs. Sodium level is closely linked to the water retention in the organism (edemas), especially the lower body. Things like sleeping with your feet slightly above the level of the body and avoiding the long, hot baths (they produce vasodilation), will surely help in achieve the goal of slim and slender legs. Every 3.200 calories lost results in approximately 1 pound of weight loss. Decrease your calorie intake by 500 per day to lose one pound of both fat and (later) muscle, per week. When you lose overall body fat/muscle, your legs will slim down as well.

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