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Gemma Atkinson’s 12-Week Fat Loss

Actress Gemma Atkinson has completed her stunning transformation at Ultimate Performance.

The Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing star pushed herself to the limit with the goal of being the best version of herself she could be.

In just 12 weeks she has transformed both the way she looks and the way she feels. Gemma says she is stronger in the gym, her figure is leaner and more shapely than ever, and she feels happy, confident and healthy after completing her 12-week personalised plan at UP.

Her bespoke training and diet plan helped her drop from 72kg to 68.9kg and cut her body fat down to a lean 11%.

But it’s the benefits to her health, her confidence and the way she feels that Gemma says has been most profound.

“The 12 weeks have finished and I feel really, really great. The mental and physical challenges have been unbelievable, I’ve met some great people in the gym, I’ve got the bug back again; the spark I lost with my training was the reason I’d started and it’s come back and I feel absolutely amazing.”

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