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5 foods that are secretly bad for you.

1.Vitamin Water And Sports Drinks.

An average 20-ounce bottle of vitamin water may actually surpass your daily sugar target by about two teaspoons. A much smarter alternative to the traditional sweetened vitamin water and sports drinks is opting for sugar-free versions or going with a totally different drink with no added sugar. For anybody with a sweet tooth out there, water may be a sad and bland accompaniment to your meal, so why not infuse it with naturally sweet fruits and nutrient-packed veggies at home? Cucumber and citrus is a winning combo!

2.Frozen Yogurt.

Frozen yogurt is pretty much considered the go-to healthy alternative to ice cream, but that is not quite the case with all brands. While natural yogurt can be full of probiotics and very good for your gut, studies have shown that the process undertaken to freeze the yogurt may actually destroy some of that live culture, leaving you without the good bacteria that you deserve! The real worry for dieters, though, is that fro-yo tends to have more sugar than regular ice cream.

3.Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter and a banana is definitely a fave pre or post-workout fan for a lot of gym junkies out there. Similarly, celery dipped in peanut butter is the dream when you’re cutting down on the carbs. But like everything else, most people just aren’t aware of the nasty ingredients that they add to increase the flavor of the peanut butter. Hydrogenated fats, sugars and salt may all be added, depending on the brand, which all work together to make this once healthy option downright bad in large amounts.

4.Cold Cuts.

People all over the world include cold deli meats as part of their daily diets. In some European countries, it’s actually normal to eat things like salami and prosciutto with pastries for breakfast! The sad news is that these cold cuts are full of sodium, with only two slices of the standard lean turkey or chicken meat containing up to 20% of your daily sodium allowance.

5.Artificial Sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners may seem like a dream when you’re trying to be healthy and cut down on sugar. They offer you all of the taste for none of the calories. The problem is, though, that studies have shown some possible negative side effects of a few of the current artificial sweeteners on the market, and they may have you thinking twice about reaching for that Diet Coke! Though the side effects aren’t to do with calories or weight gain, they still negatively influence the overall health of the body.

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