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Anllela Sagra fitness model diet plan

There is no doubt about the fact Anllela has the physique of a Greek goddess. She studied fashion design and didn’t really have any intention of modelling, or turn to fitness as a lifestyle, until two years ago, when she decided to become a fitness model

Anllela Sagra’s diet:

While training plays an important role in developing her perfectly carved physique, you can’t overlook the significance of her diet.

Eat frequently: Anllela eats four times a day and spreads out her meals evenly.

Take protein with every meal: Every meal Anllela eats contains protein in the form of egg whites or chicken and veggies.

Cycle your carbs: Anllela eats zero carbs on the first day of the week. The second day of the week is a low carb day for Sagra. You can go all out on the third day of the week and meet your normal carb needs as per your body weight.

Cheat meal Anlella Sagra eats a cheat meal four times in a month which usually consists of a burger, fries, cheesecake, and peanuts.

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