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Extreme Push Ups Calisthenics

Street Workout

This is an Advanced push up workout with some of the hardest and most extreme push ups and variations, but also some of the best bodyweight exercises. Full extreme workout routine for (primary) chest, triceps & shoulders. A lot of core/abs and full body tension strength will also be worked and required. Training plyometrics is good for explosive strength and speed.

1. Falling & explosive rebound push up
2. Forearm to tricep extension push up
3. Jack Lalanne fingertip push ups
4. Falling & flying superman push up rebound
5. Superman X-jumps
6. Flying squirrel push up
7. Leaning tower HSPU
8. Inca / thigh slap push up
9. Aztec push up
10. Flying Superman push up (with hands behind head)
11. Aztec cross touch push up
12. Flying cap remover push up 🙂
Finish: Plyometric set with some combinations

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