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keep away diseases

Are you trying hard to lose those ten kilos or still killing your body with those crazy diets? Have you given a thought to take up walking to lose that weight? Well, it is never too late to try now. Walking is not just good for losing weight but also helps in lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes and fighting joint problems (arthritis). It also helps in keeping you away from depression and is believed to be the best exercise by most doctors.

keep away diseases

It is one amongst the best exercises to try and do and doesn’t take quite a combine of shoes to start out. Ideally, if you loathe running or can’t stand working out in the gym, walking is the best way to get fit. It reduces the risk of several diseases and unlike other forms of exercise, it doesn’t require an instructor or training, can be done anytime and anywhere. It is great for kids, adults and is recommended for the elderly too.

Hippocrates II, the Greek physician, recognised walking to be a man’s best medicine. It improves your overall health and might additionally increase your stamina, strength and endurance.
Here are five benefits of walking that will help you consider making walking your fitness regime:

Cuts belly fat: Regular walking is a great exercise to burn fat. In a majority of cases, body fat is due to lack of exercise and movement. Just forty five minutes of walking burns around two hundred calories.

Stress, mood and sleep: Walking reduces stress levels and enhances your mood by boosting your endorphins (brain chemicals which relieves you from pain and stress levels). It helps to give you more energy and set a non-stressful environment for your body. Additionally, walking is believed to be beneficial for individuals suffering from insomnia as well.
Good for muscles and bones: Regular walking tones your leg muscles and strengthens your bones. It can prevent the loss of bone mass caused due to osteoporosis, which is a form of arthritis in which bone becomes weak and brittle. This can also reduce the risk of hip fractures. Likewise, walking additionally reduces inflammatory disease-related joint pain and might stop the various kinds of arthritis.
Lowers blood pressure: Individuals suffering from high blood pressure are at risks of serious health conditions like stroke or heart diseases. Walking is the best form of exercises known to maintain blood pressure at normal rates.Taking a walk three times a day is considered to have the same effects on your pressure level levels as half-hour of intense sweat.
Walking and diabetes: Walking helps in lowering blood sugar levels and improves the ability of the muscles to absorb glucose and the body to use insulin, thus, preventing the overall risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

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